• Solder technology

Wave soldering

We create soldering masks for all conventional soldering systems by different manufacturers Optimise your soldering results and improve your process safety with our well thought-out solutions for all kinds of electronics.

Our wide selection of holding-down systems range from simple swivel latches to complex constructions for robot-guided systems.

Titanium cover

Titanium cover

Titanium covers are used in situations where

  • high stability is required
  • the distances from components to soldering points are small
  • long service life is required


Advantages of titanium:

  • almost wear-free
  • filigree structures are possible 


Selective soldering

We create solder masks for all common selective soldering processes, including the corresponding accessories, such as solder stamps


Universal frames

Our universal solder frames can be used for all common soldering systems and are suitable for wave and selective welding processes.

Advantages of our system:

    • flexibly adjustable for a wide variety of assemblies
    • tool-free conversion
    • low set-up effort

The frames are structured as a building block system and can be individually put together. There is a choice of

  • various models of support plate and/or hanging rods, also for laterally protruding components
  • Clamp-down system with freely positionable, sprung clamping pins
  • Height-adjustable clamping pins
  • Support of the fourth LP side
  • Tie rod to prevent deflection of the circuit board
  • other options on request