• Soldering mask with downholding system

    in the design: rotary latching clips with off-centre ejection

  • Spring-loaded downholders

    to affix components

  • Titanium cover

    for filigree models

  • Your electronics in good hands

Our many years of experience for optimal process results

We are specialists in the manufacture of operational equipment for electronics manufacturing processes.

These comprise product-specific and universal operational equipment:

  • Wave soldering, selective soldering
  • vapour phase soldering, hand soldering
  • blank separation 
  • painting 
  • soldering paste printing 
  • SMD placement of Flex-LP, rigid-flex-LP
  • assembly of LP modules 
  • special requirements

and the corresponding components such as hold-down clamping systems, LP-affixing, component affixing and many more. Our manufacturing assortment comprises solutions for all the usual soldering plants and soldering technologies.